Clap Along to the Glory of a New Song from Reptar – “Cable”

Reptar are hard at work prepping for the release of their sophomore LP, Lurid Glow, and with each song released from the new album, the group is squashing any assumption of the heavily overused-term, “sophomore slump.”

Much like “Ice Black Sand” which was the first track shared from Lurid Glow, the group is bolstered by wonderful horns, adding even more depth to Reptar’s already intricate pop music. The Athens, GA-natives have been using brass in a number of their live shows since the release of their first full-length album, Body Faucet, and the positive feedback has assumedly led them to believe that studio use would be a beneficial move as well. And it most definitely is.

“Cable” has lead singer Graham reaching deep down for a rarely-heard-before growl, displaying a much more aggressive side to his vocals, and the song has a tightly wound climax, built up perfectly by the brass section, then suddenly, the song ends.

Lurid Glow is out March 31 via Joyful Noise, and N&T will continue to keep you updated as new songs from the album are previewed. In the meantime, to hold you over with more auditory goodness from Reptar, check out a couple members of Reptar’s side project – Semicircle, featuring the group’s drummer, Andrew, and bassist, Ryan.

Or, you know, just play “Cable” a dozen more times.

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