LISTEN: Dan Deacon – “Learning To Relax”

Dan-Deacon_Glass-RifferDan Deacon has debuted “Learning To Relax” – the next track off his forthcoming album, Gliss Riffer, due out February 24 via Domino Records . Preorder the album here.

Following his tour in support of Arcade Fire last year, Dan Deacon sharpened many of the pieces found on Gliss Riffer while on the road, and “Learning To Relax” is one of the new songs focusing on distinct vocal melodies that were polished in a live setting.

Check out the visual accompaniment for the song, that comes with a warning for potentially triggering seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy, which, I didn’t take very seriously… until about 7 seconds into the video. It’s really intense.

But, obviously, don’t watch if you have epilepsy, instead, head to his Soundcloud to simply listen to the goodness.