Hear a New Track from Death Cab for Cutie – “No Room in Frame”

Although Death Cab for Cutie have said goodbye to recently-departed founding member Chris Walla, the group has shown no signs of making drastic changes to their sound. As the release date for the group’s first album without Walla approaches, the newfound trio have released the second single from Kintsugi, out March 31 via Atlantic.

Their latest track, “No Room in Frame”, which will serve as Kintsugi’s opener, provides a slightly different sound than lead single “Black Sun” did. Both songs provide a more electronic experimentation, but overall DCFC stick to their looped guitar hooks and ruminating lyrics that paint an emotional landscape.  Lead singer and lyricist Ben Gibbard pens the chorus: “Was I in your way? When the cameras turned to face you / No room in frame for two

As more songs continue to come forward, it’ll be intriguing to see what Death Cab for Cutie will offer without Walla, their multi-instrumentalist and production savant. So far the results are pleasing – listen to “No Room in Frame” above, and judge for yourself.