Dev Hynes / Blood Orange Shares New Demo – “Delancey”

Looking for a new medium to release music, Dev Hynes (AKA Blood Orange) has shared a new demo via his website. The track, called “Delancey”, was posted and shared within a day, and with Hynes looking for new mediums to release his music, he may have just found his new path.

Hynes, who is heavily influenced by classical music and his studies within composing, never disappoints, his music is almost always impeccably gorgeous and deep. “Delancey” features Dev’s echoing vocals, slow keyboards, and ends with a crescendo from a cello section. No word on whether “Delancey” will be featured on any sort of larger piece of work from Blood Orange, but that shouldn’t matter; a musician like Dev Hynes comes across very rarely, and we’ll take every bit of music we can get.

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