FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Pitchfork Music Festival Fashion

You can probably tell from our last few posts that we’re just a little bit excited for Pitchfork Music Festival this upcoming weekend here at Needle and Thread. But it’s hard to tell what is more exciting–the amazing acts jammed into three days or the lust-worthy outfits to be seen.

Pitchfork Music Fest hosts some of the best street style a festival has to offer. It’s a little downplayed from over-the-top bohemian Coachella style and a little more on-trend than the usual crop top wearing Lollapalooza crowd. It’s almost mandatory to wear your weekend’s best to the festival, and this year, we are expecting nothing less.

We are excited to shoot some rad street style photos, but in the meantime, here’s a little taste of some trends we’re looking forward to seeing.

Suede! Denim skirts! Neckwear! Gladiators! 70s! All of it! If money weren’t an issue (Help me, I’m poooor), these outfits and statement pieces would be a go-to for the fest.

Happy Pitchfork weekend to all! We look forward to shooting what you’re wearing!