Kevin Parker Shares New Tame Impala Song During Reddit AMA

Reddit Ask Me Anything’s can be a great way for fans to ask their favorite musicians, actors/actresses, etc. any sort of question they want… they can also be a great way for trolls to patronize celebrities as well. Last night Kevin Parker, frontman of Tame Impala, sat down for an AMA, in which touched on subjects like Kanye West, a Coachella run-in with Mac DeMarco, chord progressions, the romanticism of musicianship, and much more.

Eventually, Parker stated that he’s surprised no one has asked to hear a new song yet – apparently Tame Impala fans were there with good intentions and actual questions. But, after Redditors obliged, he actually shared one! “Disciples” is the third song we’ve heard from their upcoming album, Currents, which has yet to receive a concrete release date from Interscope.

You can read the entire AMA with Kevin Parker here.