Lord Huron Travel In New Direction w/ “The World Ender”

“The World Ender” is the fourth track we’ve heard from LA-based group Lord Huron‘s next album, Strange Trails, out April 7. While the previous three retained the sound that we’ve grown accustomed to from Lord Huron: super catchy folk music that takes listeners on a journey through time and place to a time where love and adventure are all that matter, “The World Ender” shows a darker side to frontman Ben Schneider’s lyrical and tonal themes.

The song is still a proverbial time capsule, begging the listener to join the group outside of the wild west, and into the western coast. Surf guitars and melodies are found within “The World Ender” and Schneider’s “new” vocal quiver coupled with lyrics, “I had a life and a place in the world, I had a sweet-talking wife and a beautiful girl / I know I’m never gonna see ’em again, gonna tear the world up ’til I have my revenge / They took my life but it isn’t the end / They put me in the ground but I’m back from the dead” suggest that Lord Huron aren’t riding in on one-trick horses.

Schneider is doing things with his voice and lyrics that were never seen on Lord Huron’s debut LP, Lonesome Dreams. His way with words has always brought us along for an adventure, and this subtle change is enough to stir up excitement about a slightly new direction for Lord Huron. Ultimately we will end up in the same place… wherever Lord Huron wants to take us.