PHOTO GALLERY: Backstage w/ Chris Rock

Backstage with Chris Rock & Hannibal Buress

Photos from Before, During, & After Their Show in Milwaukee, WI

In a very odd (and fortunate) twist of fate, I was able to spend an evening with Chris Rock, before, during, and after his show in Milwaukee on March 13, 2017. This was an incredible opportunity to spend time with one of the best comedians of all time, as well as Hannibal Buress, one of the top comedians of the last ten years – and one of my personal all time favorites. I was backstage while Rock prepped for the show while listening to Run The Jewels, and going through his set for that night, fine tuning it with his crew before taking the stage.

Above, you’ll see a gallery of some of my favorites from that night.

*A huge thank you to Chris Rock’s crew for allowing me this opportunity and being incredibly kind and accommodating that night*

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