Skrillex Debuts Video for Hundred Waters – “Show Me Love” Remix

Every once in a while, a song comes along that provides the perfect bones for a rework into a glorious remix. No matter when the track was originally produced, recorded, or released, all it takes is that special producer or DJ or artist to breathe new life into these timeless tracks.

Today, DJ, producer, and perennial tastemaker Skrillex has found that perfect track and done just that. In the form of the song “Show Me Love” released in 2014 by Gainesville, Florida-native group Hundred Waters. The track’s original form – featuring the beautiful a cappella vocals of Hundred Waters singer Nicole Miglis – provides the perfect, natural stem for Skrillex’s remix, which also features guest vocals from Chance The Rapper, Moses Sumney, with additional arrangements from Robin Hannibal (the producer behind Rhye, Quadron, and more).


It’s rare to see a remix receive such attention and creative embellishments surrounding it. In fact, the entire project within this remix is an incredible testament to a collective of artists coming together to create something new, unique, and magical: The original song was an introspective journal entry by Miglis (thus its minimalistic and reflective original form, heard here); Skrillex made his directorial debut with the video, shot in Los Angeles over Thanksgiving week, featuring all collaborators coming together to give the song a wonderful and empowering visual accompaniment.

“It’s all about love and positivity, what this world really needs right now. I want to thank all of the artists in the world going out of their way to make people’s lives better and happier through creating and sharing their art.”  – Skrillex
“This song was literally a journal entry I wrote to myself a few years ago, so seeing it become something bigger in the context of everyone involved was really special.” – Nicole Miglis

The video made its premier via Hundred Waters’ new website, using an embed from Loveback, a new media platform that allows the audience to support creators directly. For “Show Me Love”, viewers are invited to support FORM Arcosanti, a free-by-application music festival curated by Hundred Waters. The festival, founded by the band, fosters creative expression among 1200 participants, including Skrillex and Moses Sumney, who first met each other at last year’s festival. By ‘lovebacking’ any amount, audience members/viewers receive a download of the remix and are entered to win one of several spots to attend and participate in FORM Arcosanti in May.

This is all a very impressive movement, surrounding a song that is sure to be soundtracking our summer.

Watch the video via YouTube above, or stream it below via the Loveback embed below.


Skrillex - Show Me Love Remix