Surfer Blood Returns with “Dorian”

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}Surfer Blood is back! With a new DIY approach, the group returns with the promise of a new album, new label, and seemingly – a new attitude on making music.

After releasing Pythons via major label Warner Brothers, Surfer Blood was promptly dropped. Pythons had the sound of a major-label debut, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing: the album provided some incredibly infectious songs. However, after releasing an LP, 2010’s Astrocoast, and EP, Tarot Classics to major acclaim, Pythons left fans… and Surfer Blood, wanting more. Lead singer JP Pitts believes that their new album, 1000 Palms, due out May 12, will deliver just what everyone is itching for, starting with the new song, “Dorian”. Says Pitts:

“This song has everything from classic 80’s synth patches to fucked-up vocoder sound collages, embracing a series of left-turns that make it one of the most unique songs in our catalogue.It makes use of almost every sonic element we had available, and embraces the anything goes spirit this record represents.”

If that doesn’t get listeners pumped for 1000 Palms (pre-order here), they’re probably not Surfer Blood fans… yet. Here’s a picture of me singing their song “Twin Peaks” with JP, good day to you:

Kellen + JP Pitts = Twin Peaks